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Flat and Precise Like Never Before

tesa® Precision Mask
Perfect painting work is recognizable from its precise, exact edges, which show no feathering even when viewed from right up close. For such high standards in interior painting, the pros swear by tesa® Precision Mask, the ultra-thin paper tape from tesa.
Easy to use. Perfect results. tesa Precision Mask® Sensitive

Easy to use. Perfect results. tesa Precision Mask® Sensitive

First there is the tried-and-tested tesa® 4334 Precision Mask. In addition tesa now offers the new tesa® 4333 Precision Mask Sensitive for sharp, even painted edges, especially on sensitive surfaces.

tesa® 4333 Precision Mask Sensitive

High-quality wallpaper, high-end furniture surfaces, and intricate ceiling elements require special protection during painting work.
tesa Precision Mask® 4333

tesa Precision Mask® 4333

That’s why the new tesa® Precision Mask Sensitive adheres precisely and dependably and does not damage surfaces when it is removed.

Due to the special adhesive mass used, the pink masking tape is perfectly suited to quick masking of critical, sensitive surfaces. tesa® 4333 Precision Mask Sensitive adheres to this kinds of surfaces for up to seven days indoors and can be removed at any time without leaving any residue.
tesa Precision Mask® 4334

tesa Precision Mask® 4334

tesa® 4334 Precision Mask
The tried-and-tested tesa® 4334 Precision Mask is the specialist when it comes to long-term protection of doors, windows, banisters, cabinets, or wall decorations. The extremely thin backing material prevents bleeding under the tape, plus there is no paint bleed-through.

The yellow adhesive tape can be affixed securely to a variety of different surfaces, including glass, aluminum, rigid PVC, and wood, and can be removed up to five months later without leaving residue behind.
Extremely flat - slightly translucent
Special fibers and a special production process lend the two Precision Mask® tapes their special characteristic: Their backing is extremely flat and slightly translucent. And they are at once extremely stable lengthwise and easy to tear across.

Both Precision Mask® painter’s tapes can be used without restrictions with all solvent-based or water-based paints and lacquers, so they also meet the EU guidelines on VOCs.

With the new tesa® 4333 Precision Mask Sensitive, tesa now offers the proven characteristics and feel of tesa® 4334 Precision Mask for sensitive surfaces as well, expanding its product range to include special solutions for professional craftsmen. This market segment is growing steadily and is characterized by increasingly stringent quality requirements at the same time.